Writer Submission Form


Writer Submission Form

To ensure the work of our clients remains exciting, unique and relevant, Showreels Australia puts an incredible amount of time and energy into assuring that the scenes selected for production are tailored specifically to the client and have not been used previously in other Australian showreels.

We are very happy to invite work from talented and vibrant new voices in the industry.

This is where you come in...

If you have work sitting on a hard drive, exciting ideas in your head or great scenes and monologues from previously performed writing that just didn't get the exposure you had hoped, this may be the perfect opportunity to give it a brand new audience.
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    (This section does not imply that you write well for one and not the other. It is assumed you can write for both, otherwise you wouldn't be a writer. This is simply for us to get a handle on where your strength lies so that we can get you more work by promoting you to the correct demographic.)
  • Please submit using the following criteria:

    i) Submit in PDF format, with appropriate author/copyright information and/or your own watermark.

    ii) Your submission should not exceed 3 pages in Final Draft or Celtx format

    iii) Do not upload anything you did not personally write and

    iv) Do not submit any writing that has already been performed in an actor's showreel anywhere in Australia.

    The work you submit will not be used before consulting you personally first. It is strongly suggested that you watch as many of our scenes as possible at www.showreelsaustralia.com.au to see the types of scenes our clients regularly choose.

    Payment for selected scenes will be in Australian dollars, via an Australian bank account or Paypal only.
  • Do you have any additional information that you feel is important for us to know?