Trailer Reel

As its name suggests, the Trailer Reel compiles your existing material into a 2-3 minute showreel showcasing your best work. A more extensive look at what you to have offer than our Speed Reel.

A 2-3 minute compilation of a range of your material. Some work may not feature much dialogue from you but still a great example of different emotional states. The Trailer Reel is the solution to combining this work with your scene work into a cinematic compilation.

✓ Conversion and digitisation of your DVDs and data files 
 2-3 Minute edit
✓ Production Music underscore to be used where and if appropriate

Final SD/HD file sent to you via the web for your own safe keeping
✓ Uploaded to the Showreels Australia Youtube Channel for easy linking


Material must be clearly labelled (including files) and a support document included with a list of time-codes where you appear in each separate piece. Extra time spent locating pieces will be additional in cost. Please ask us how to correctly note time-codes for you material if you are unsure.

SD/HD Files are high quality mp4 and approximately 100mb ( suitable for Youtube, Vimeo etc).

Mailing of any hard copy/physical DVDs you provided back to you will be additional in price.



Full payment required up front to begin the editing process. Please Contact Us for details on Trailer Reel bookings.