Solo Shoot Offer – $330 (incl. GST)


Special offer“Solo Shoot” ($330)


The “Solo Shoot” is the same high quality that you’ve come to expect from Showreels Australia, but the camera stays on you all the way through, no cutting between actors. 60 secs max. per scene. Multiple takes, with only best take/s used in the end. (Ideally two-handers shot over the reader’s shoulder, not monologues, but ultimately it’s your choice).

  Hourly shoot slots, 1 setup but multiple takes in the hour (extra slots available on upgrade)
  60 secs max. per scene, multiple shoots in an hour
  Full HD shoots, professional DOP/Director & Sound recordist, 35mm lens & lighting if required
  Directed by our team, but you bring your own reader/scene partner (partner upgrades available)
  All shot on location provided by us (outdoor or indoor), no studios
  Available in Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane and Adelaide
  Complimentary hosting on our Showreels Australia YouTube channel

If you want to spend an hour on one scene, do. If you want to shoot three in that time, do. It’s up to you, the time is yours. For this special price though, the only catch is: it’s one set up with minimal movement, but you have multiple takes, with the best take supplied to you in the end and hosted on our YouTube channel.

Upgrade options:

^  One (1) additional hour shoot time
^  Custom script/s written by our team of professional writers
^  Scene partner/reader available on request
^  Speed Reel compilation of all your Solo Shoot scenes

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(Note: Bookings will be grouped together on days of multiple clients. Once you make your booking Showreels Australia will contact you and check your availability for the next available shoot date.)

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