Impact Shoot


Need a high impact scene, monologue or action sequence to grab your audience’s attention? Always wanted to be an Action star or perform a period piece? Want to highlight your ability to speak other languages, sing, play an instrument, fire a gun, perform a stunt or act in a dark gritty genre piece?

Then the Impact Shoot is perfect for you!

Many Actors have skills that never appear in their reels, this wasting talents that have taken years to cultivate. Others have a dream that remains unfulfilled due to lack of opportunity. Showreels Australia can introduce you to experts in Fight Choreography, Armoury, Costume Hire, Make-Up, Dialect Coaching and more.

In many cases, you don’t even need to currently possess the skill; we have trained professionals to take you through the steps necessary to achieve your goals. Let your mind run wild and call us for a quote! (Prices and package content vary greatly, depending on your needs.)

Final HD file/s sent to you via the web for your own safe keeping
✓ Uploaded to the Showreels Australia Youtube Channel for easy linking




HD Files are high quality mp4 and approximately 100mb ( suitable for Youtube, Vimeo etc).


Contact us HERE if you’d like to know more or make a booking.

(Don’t forget to mention what you have in mind. Eg: Singing, dancing, martial arts, weapons, rock-climbing, juggling etc.)