Grab Reel



The Grab Reel brings you a high quality production value showreel at an affordable price. Shooting in Sydney, Melbourne and Brisbane the base package Grab Reel includes production of 2 X 1.5 minute scenes over a half day (4 hours) with the option to upgrade to three (3) or four (4) scenes over a full shoot day (up to 9 hours).

Your Grab Reel begins with a 30-minute rehearsal focusing on script analysis, discussion about character choices and performance, before shooting for up to 1.5 hours. We’ll then repeat the process for your second scene. Your scenes will be shot in separate areas of the one location, saving you time, so you’ll simply need to find a location with more than one space to film.

As with all of our showreel packages, we’ll edit the scenes together using your best takes, enhancing them with professional production music (underscore), sound effects and colour grading. You’ll receive your completed scenes as separate files, for individual uploads or for posting via social media.

Although a solid standalone package, the Grab Reel is flexible enough to offer extras to make your job even easier. One or two additional 90 second scenes, custom written scripts from our professional writing team, scene partner casting, location sourcing, inclusion of a highlights edit: Speed Reel (60 sec)  or Trailer Reel (90 sec – 3 mins).

Book and customise your Grab Reel using our online booking system below.


BASE PACKAGE: $999.00 [excludes upgrades and GST]


Contact us HERE if you’d like to know more or make a booking.



Base package inclusions:

     ✓  Two (2) complete 1.5 min two-hander scenes
     ✓  Four (4) hours of shooting including rehearsal
     ✓  Director/DOP & Sound Recordist
     ✓  Full HD with 35mm film quality lenses and lighting
     ✓  Production Music, Sound Mastering and Colour Grading
     ✓  Edited scenes ready for Youtube/Vimeo (HD) & Showcast/AT2 (SD)
     ✓  Scenes hosted on the Showreels Australia Youtube Channel (optional)


Upgrades available during online booking:

     ^  One (1) additional 90 second scene (adds 2.5 hours)
     ^  Two (2) additional 90 seconds scenes (adds 5 hours)
     ^  Up to four (4) custom scripts
     ^  Up to four (4) scene partners
     ^  Location Sourcing Service
     ^  Speed Reel (60 sec highlight reel)
     ^  Trailer Reel (3 min highlight reel)


Script Stage

More details about our script stage.


Scene Partners

More details about scene partners and casting.



More details about locations and location sourcing.



More details about the production process with your showreel shoots.



More details about the post-production editing of your showreel.




BASE PACKAGE: $999.00 [excludes extras]




Contact us HERE if you’d like to know more or make a booking.



Conditions & Details: 

– For a base package without upgrades, we will require you to provide your own scripts for filming (no longer than 90 seconds each), provide a suitable filming location that can work for all of your scenes (without changing location*) and provide your own scene partners. Showreels Australia can offer these services for an additional fee. 

– We will require you to submit your scripts via our online project manager so we can provide any feedback and ensure they are formatted correctly and within our 90-second running time.

– The final HD MP4 file is high quality and approximately 100mb ( suitable for Youtube, Vimeo etc). You will also be provided with a medium quality file suitable for actor profile services such as Showcast and AT2. Your final video may be hosted on the Showreels Australia Youtube Channel if it meets our company guidelines.

– Shooting at multiple locations for different scenes is possible however change of location (including packing equipment and travel time) will take away shooting time from your next scene. We do not exclude location changes and travel time from your shoot period. Any overtime incurred due to location changes will be additional in price at our standard production overtime rate.

-Filming locations must be within 30 minutes driving time of the CBD (including traffic), locations outside this limit may attract additional travel time fees.

-Showreels Australia Terms & Conditions apply to any booking.