Theatrical Firearms Reels


(Not a literal depiction of the course’s firearms or costume inclusions and upgrades. Outfits and firearms may vary, depending on availability.)


This Theatrical Firearms & Tactics weekend course currently held in Melbourne will introduce you to the skills required for the use of theatrical firearms and tactical manoeuvres on screen (states’ laws vary, so please contact us for what we will be offering in Sydney and Brisbane soon).

With a renaissance in procedural drama on Australian screens over recent years, and the likelihood that most Australian actors have never held a weapon in their life, competent theatrical firearms handling is a rare, and therefore marketable skill to acquire.

Thankfully Australia’s tight regulations on ownership of firearms in Australia means that the majority of us rarely see real firearms up close (unless your local police officer comes in to grab a coffee). When an actor is handed a theatrical firearm on set they are expected to sell the role of experienced detective or hardened crook. There is no room on set or location for feeling nervous or handling theatrical firearms recklessly.

No more squinting and clenching your teeth as you pull the trigger, Showreels Australia’s Theatrical Firearms & Tactics weekend course will introduce you to all the skills and experience required to sell cops, robbers and riot police like a pro!


Learn to take firearms from holstered to un-holstered position, hold and handle pistols and assault rifles correctly, use multiple shooting positions and reload and change magazines.  You’ll also train in patrolling solo, in pairs, and as a group while you learn about tactical room clearing and the use of cover and concealment with firearms and of course, fire off blank rounds from a static position and while using cover.

Just as essential though, will be the introduction to correct safety procedure and handling of theatrical firearms on film and television sets, and what is expected of you as an actor by professional armourers, for which you will receive a certificate of participation (with the option to test for an additional certificate of competency).

Our professional armourers take you through a range of common firearms used in film and television production, such as Smith & Wesson 357 Magnum revolver, Glock 17A 9mm semi automatic pistol, Taurus Tracker 22LR 9 shot revolver, Tactical 12 gauge pump action shotgun, Colt AR15 rife, M4 Carbine Tactical Assault Rifle (most commonly used by Special Forces units) and the Australian Automatic Arms Tactical Assault Rifle. (firearms may vary in number and type from course to course)

If you’d like to take away a souvenir, you’ll have the opportunity to upgrade your weekend course during booking stage to include a professional photography session using the above mentioned weapons. You can also opt to have our Showreels Australia Team in your city (Sydney, Melbourne or Brisbane) film professional clips of your new mastered skills. Tactical costumes including vests and helmets are also available for photography and video sessions for display on your showreel (options may vary depending on availability).

(To express interest in future courses, or potential Theatrical Firearms & Tactics weekend course in Melbourne and Brisbane, please contact us ASAP and provide us with your contact details. We’ll add you to the notifications for upcoming seminars and deals.)


     ✓  Two (2) day weekend shoot

     ✓  Safety and correct handling of firearms

     ✓  On-set expectations and procedures

     ✓  Holstered to un-holstered position

     ✓  Hold and handle pistols and rifles correctly

     ✓  Reloading and changing magazines

     ✓  Patrolling tactics individually and as a group

     ✓  Clearing rooms individually and as a group

     ✓  Cover and concealment

     ✓  Firing blank rounds from static and covered positions



  • From $550 (incl. GST), upgrades available.
    Fill in form to see your total. You can cancel the order before you get to the PayPal checkout.


  • Sat 6th/Sun 7th MAY (approx. 10am-4pm ea. day)


  • TBC, but always within 45 mins of CBD


(Otherwise, register your general interest in the next course and in other cities via our contact us page)

-As per the Firearms Act 1996, certain individuals or ‘prohibited persons’ will be unable to book a position and or participate in this course in any way whatsoever. (Unsure? More information here.)

– This course is for participants aged 18 years and over only.

– By making a booking for the Theatrical Firearms & Tactics weekend course, the participant hereby agrees to the Theatrical Firearms and Tactics weekend course Terms & Conditions and all other Showreels Australia Terms & Conditions that may apply.