Compilation Reel

An archive of your work from a particular feature film or television episode/series captured and laid out.

If you have guest starred or featured in a film or television series and want to be able to have access to all your scenes, a Compilation Reel allows this with ease. We will simply capture all of your scenes or shots and lay them out in a simple timeline and provide you with a high quality data file for future reference.

✓ Conversion and digitisation of your DVDs and data files
 Simple layout in order of appearance with fade in and fade out for each scene
Final SD/HD file sent to you via the web for your own safe keeping
✓ Uploaded to the Showreels Australia Youtube Channel


It is important than the material you send us is clearly labelled and any time-coding required is included. Any material provided without time-coding that needs to be located will be charged at an additional hourly rate. (The time-code is the number sequence that you appear displayed on your DVD player. Eg 1:17:35 (1 hour 17 mins 35 sec)

In some cases, uploading your compilation to Youtube may not be possible due to any copyright restrictions that may apply to the footage used. Although you may have a role in the film/tv episode, you will probably not own the rights to distribute the content (even if it is only a few scenes.)

HD Files are high quality mp4 and approximately 100mb ( suitable for Youtube, Vimeo etc).

$220.00 (Inc GST)