Buzz Reel

The Buzz Reel brings you three (3) high quality production value showreel scenes at an unbeatable price.

With three (3) 90 second custom written scripts tailored specifically for you by our highly creative in-house writing team, this six (6) hour shoot package gives you great opportunities to show range and variation and all neatly tied together with an additional short and sharp Speed Reel edit (60-90 second primary highlights reel.) The Buzz Reel  is everything you need to refresh your existing profile or launch an entirely new showcase!

We’ll work with you through the script stage process via our online project management platform keeping you in touch with our staff and writing team as we lock in your three scripts for shooting. Our process involves a detailed Performer Submission step that ensures we know exactly what you are after when it comes to the range and variation in your three scripts.

As with all of our showreel packages, we’ll rehearse with you and capture your best performances on-set, then edit the scenes together using your best takes, enhancing them with professional production music (underscore)sound effects and colour grading.

You’ll receive your completed scenes as separate files, for individual uploads, or for posting via social media. You’ll also receive your additional Speed Reel edit (60-90 second highlights reel) taking the best moments of all three scenes.

Although a solid standalone package, the Buzz Reel  is flexible enough to include extras*. Scene partner casting, additional shooting time on-set, secondary location extension (location changes involving vehicle travel),  upgrade to include any of your existing material with your Speed Reel edit (60-90 sec highlights reel).

*Extras are additional in price and can be selected during the booking process.

Book and customise your Buzz Reel using our online booking system below.

SPECIAL PRICE*: $1550.00

*Excludes GST and any upgrades applied during booking process. 



Contact us HERE if you’d like to know more or make a booking.



Base package inclusions:

     ✓  Three (3) complete 90 second two-hander scenes
     ✓  Three (3) custom written scripts tailored specifically for you
     ✓  Six (6) hour shoot with the Director/DOP & Sound Recordist
     ✓  Full HD with 35mm film quality lenses and lighting
     ✓  Professional sound mixing, production music & colour grading
     ✓  Speed Reel (90 second highlight reel)
     ✓  Edited scenes & Speed Reel ready for Youtube/Vimeo (HD) & Showcast/AT2 (SD)
     ✓  Scenes hosted on the Showreels Australia Youtube Channel (optional)


Upgrades available during online booking:

     ^  One (1) additional hour of rehearsal/shooting
     ^  Two (2) additional hours of rehearsal/shooting
     ^  Up to three (3) scene partners cast by Showreels Australia
     ^  Include 1-2 pieces of existing material with your Speed Reel edit
     ^  Secondary Location Extension (location change by vehicle)


Script Stage

More details about our script stage.


Scene Partners

More details about scene partners and casting.



More details about locations and location sourcing.



More details about the production process with your showreel shoots.



More details about the post-production editing of your showreel.



Contact us HERE if you’d like to know more or make a booking.



Conditions & Details: 

– We will require you to provide your own scene partners for filming (unless you have chosen to upgrade for an additional fee) and provide a suitable filming location that can work for all of your scenes (without changing location unless upgrading to include a physical location change extension). 

– The final HD MP4 file is high quality and approximately 100mb ( suitable for Youtube, Vimeo etc). You will also be provided with a medium quality file suitable for actor profile services such as Showcast and AT2. Your final video may be hosted on the Showreels Australia Youtube Channel if it meets our company guidelines.

-Filming locations must be within 20-30 minutes driving time from the CBD (including traffic), locations outside this limit attract additional travel time fees.

-Showreels Australia Terms & Conditions apply to any booking.