About Us


To create the highest quality actor  and corporate showcases at the best price, as well as professional corporate video production and editing.

Company Overview

Showreels Australia offers you the highest production value showreels in Sydney, Melbourne, and Brisbane.

We’ll edit your existing work into a dynamic showreel or write, shoot and edit a scene from scratch, or capture that perfect interview, presentation, or create a showcase for your business. We have many different sized reels for different budgets and needs.

For advice, a quote or a great showcase, just ask the team at Showreels Australia!


We have pioneered the actor Speed Reel and Trailer Reels in Australia, created the Visume and pride ourselves on our high-quality boutique services, having provided a mountain of reels to talented actors in Sydney and Melbourne, as well as corporate material of varying levels.

As a team of professional filmmakers, our services perfectly blend the creative with the necessities of self-promotion in the acting industry.

We are in regular communication with casting directors to find what they like, don’t like, need or wish to avoid. Our reputation is strong and work speaks for itself.

General information

Crews located in both Sydney, Melbourne, and Brisbane.